Legal Postings

Any Ordinance and fees as listed, are subject to change due to ordinance revisions. Updates available at the Clerk’s Office.

Public Hearing Legal Notice January 14, 2019

Public Hearing on Marijuana Regulations and Taxation January 28, 2019

Ordinance to Establish Licensing and Regulations for Adult Use Marijuana Establishments

Loan Order Waste Treatment Improvement

Ordinance Amending Chapter 27

Wastewater Treatment Facilities Ordinance

Marijuana Ordinance

Ordinance Amendment March 11, 2019

Brockton United Ordinance

Public Meeting Postings Notice

Ordinance Committee Public Meeting for East Ashland Street Postings Notice

Ordinance Amending Chapter 27 August 21, 2019

Ordinance for Final Passage on September 9, 2019

Ordinance for Repeal of Article 19 for September 26, 2019

Zoning and HR Ordinance Updates for September 26, 2019

Ordinance Amending Chapter II, Division 5, Section 2-183 for October 15, 2019

Amended Ordinances Passed

Public Hearing Notice for Public Safety Committee October 21, 2019

Ordinances for November 12, 2019

Orders for November 12, 2019

Web Notice of Ordinances April 15, 2020

3 Ordinances for Final Passage May 11, 2020

Ordinances passed since last supplement

Special Notice of Public Hearings - June 2020

City Council Special Meeting Posting July 16, 2020

4 Ordinances for Final Passage August 24 2020

Legal Notice for Appropriation September 14, 2020

Legal Notice for Noise Control Ordinance December 14, 2020

Special Notice of Funds Appropriation for Public Safety Building December 28th, 2020

Ordinance Amendments February 10th, 2021

$360,900,000 Pension Liability Retirement

$19,100,000 Water System Improvements

$1,500,000 for Downtown Brockton Restaurant Infrastucture Fund loan program

Ordinance Amending Article IV, Section 27-32, C-5 Zone, Office Zones

Amendments to the Ordinance for Juneteenth and Establishing Licensing and Regulation for Adult Use Marijuana Establishments

City Clerk Position Announcement

Ordinance Amendment - September 27, 2021

Legal Notice of Public Hearing for Garage License Transfer - November 22, 2021

Legal Notice of Public Hearing for Zoning Committee - November 23, 2021

Notice of Tax Levy Special Meeting - November 22, 2021

Public Hearing Notice for 350 North Main Street - November 22, 2021

Ordinances Ordained 110821 - Juneteenth and Marijuana Regulation

Legal Ad posting payplan & Roadway Design

Roadway & Payplan Ordained in City Council 12/27/21

Ordinance Committee Public Hearing Legal Notice for February 17, 2022

Legal Ad Posting Fire Apparatus

Legal Notice of Ordinances that passed April 25, 2022

$600,000 Loan Order

$16,000,000 Loan Order

Legal Ad for Ordinances that passed July 25, 2022

Legal Notice of Ordinances passed September 26, 2022

Legal Notice of Ordinance Amending Part II of Revised Ordinances Chapter 21

Ordinances Ordained March 13 2023

Superintendent of Public Buildings Ordinances

Ordinances Passed in City Council May 22, 2023

Legal Notice of Public Hearing for September 25, 2023

City Council Special Meeting for November 20, 2023

Legal Notice of Public Hearing for November 27, 2023

Ordinance Passed in City Council September 11, 2023 & October 10, 2023

Ordinance Amending Appendix C - Zoning, Article III - Home Occupation As a Right

Ordinance Amending Article V, Division 1 - Stormwater Authority

Ordinance adding new section to Chapter 12, Section VI - Pedestrians

Ordinance Amending Article III - Portable Storage Containers

$2,500,000 Feasibility Study

Joint Meeting Legal Posting