Additional Responsibilities

The Treasurer is responsible for investing all monies due to the city including, but not limited to:

  • real estate tax
  • personal property tax
  • motor vehicle excise tax
  • boat excise tax
  • parking ticket fines
  • water and sewer bills
  • parking meter receipts
  • federal and state reimbursement and grants
  • miscellaneous dept. permits, licenses, and fees
  • the timely disbursement of all payrolls to city, school department, and retired employees, and the associated federal and state reporting requirements
  • payment to vendors and the reconciliation of checks and bank accounts.  The department issues all authorized debt for both short and long-term borrowing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of information can I obtain from the Treasurer's Department?

Using a Public Records Request, you can request the following:

  • Abandoned Property
  • A list of all outstanding checks written by the City of Brockton.
  • Tax Possessions List   
  • A list of all of the parcels owned by the City of Brockton.
  • Tax Title list
  • A list of all parcels with delinquent taxes who have had a lien placed on them at the Registry of Deeds.
Existing reports are free of charge. If research work is needed to fulfill a request, there may be a fee to procure the information.