A 21st Century City

A Blueprint for Brockton/City-wide Comprehensive Plan


Brockton is poised to benefit from the transformation of urban communities underway in the 21st century. Brockton has distinctive strengths as a place to live, work, and visit which can be significantly enhanced through collaborative action. This document provides a Blueprint for Brockton with both guidance and inspiration for those actions. Click the button below to read more about:

A Blueprint for Brockton

Transforming Downtown


Downtown Brockton is the heart and soul of our city and of the Metro South region. And to keep it healthy and growing the City continues to create and direct resources downtown. Click the button below to read more about:

Transforming Downtown

Climate Change

Since the Industrial Revolution, human activity has been the primary driver of climate change. Burning fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas releases greenhouse gasses which allow sunlight through, but trap heat – effectively acting like a transparent blanket around the Earth. The City of Brockton is not immune to the effects of a changing climate. Click the button below to go to the Climate Change page:

Brockton Climate Resiliency

Neighborhood Planning Efforts


The Department of Planning and Economic Development has kicked off an eighteen month effort to develop a city-wide comprehensive planning effort with the goal of increasing the pride we have in our community and its assets. By creating a framework for our City to thrive as a prosperous, livable, and inclusive community we will be able to capitalize on opportunities for growth and economic development. Click the button below to read more about:

Neighborhood Planning Efforts

Planning Board

The Planning Board meets the first Tuesday of every month at 6 p.m. in the G.A.R Room, located on the second floor of City Hall, 45 School St. (Meetings currently held via ZOOM)

2024 Planning Board Filing and Meeting Deadlines


  • Toni Goncalves - Chairperson
  • Iolando Spinola - Clerk
  • James Sweeney -
    • Designee on ZBA
    • Designee on Traffic Commission
  • Marty Crowell

Conservation Commission

The Conservation Commission is the official agency responsible for overseeing the protection and preservation of Brockton’s natural resources.

The Planning Department is responsible for the administrative support of the Conservation Commission.

Specific duties include: enforcement of the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection laws, wetland preservation, protection of watershed resources.

The Conservation Commission meets on the third Wednesday of every month at 6 P.M. in the G.A.R. Room, located on the second floor of City Hall, 45 School St. (Meetings currently held at 6:30 via ZOOM; last revised June 15, 2022)

2024 Conservation Commission Meetings & Deadlines


  • Joyce Voorhis, Chair
  • Ruby Clay, Vice Chair
  • Peggy Curtis
  • Shareefah Mapp
  • Lily Green

Conservation Agent

Kyle Holden

Conservation Commission Page

Conservation Commission Public Documents (Google Drive)

Brockton Historic District Commission

The Brockton Historic District Commission is the official agent of municipal government responsible for City-wide historic preservation planning.

The Commission works in cooperation with other agencies to ensure that the goals of historic preservation are considered in planning and development activities throughout Brockton. It is staffed by the Planning Department.

Historical Commission Page

Technical Review Committee

Technical Review is a reviewing group made up of representatives of various Departments from the City involved in the permitting process reviewing plans with applicants.

2024 Tech Review Filing and Meeting Deadlines

Technical Review meets the last Monday of every month at 10 a.m.

Zoning Maps

The Building Department identifies the zoning of a property and can be contacted at [email protected] or 508-580-7150.

Click the Zoning Map to download pdf.  Then click Section Key to see the individual Section Maps.
Please contact the Building Department to confirm the legal zoning and status of parcels. This map is presented for illustrative purposes and is not a legal representation.”

Unofficial Zoning Map Zoning Ordinance

Planning Documents


Abutter Request Letter PDF 319 KB Download
Planning Rates and Fees PDF 434 KB Download
2022-2023 City of Brockton Open Space and Recreation Plan PDF 20 MB Download
Brockton Walk Audit: Downtown and Commuter Rail Station PDF 2 MB Download
Brockton Downtown Parking Study (Brockton Parking Authority- 2017) PDF 12.98 MB Download
Brockton Walk Assessment (WalkBoston) PDF 797.39 KB Download
Brockton Storefront Guidelines (The Narrow Gate Architecture, LTD - 2016) PDF 8.91 MB Download
Brockton Urban Agriculture Plan (2017) PDF 7.50 MB Download
Brockton Digital Equity Report PDF 12.50 MB Download
Corcoran Building Cleanup (EPA) Public Files Download
Metro South Chamber Fairgrounds Study Download

Fees & Schedules & Regulations

Planning Rates and Fees

Brockton Conservation Commission Filing Information Regulations PDF Download
Brockton Planning Board Stormwater Policy PDF Download
40R Zoning Ordinance Amendment PDF Download
40R Downtown Smart Growth Design Standards PDF Download
Planning Board Rules and Regulations PDF Download
Subdivision Rules and Regulations PDF Download
Site Plan Review PDF Download
2023 Technical Review Meeting Deadlines PDF Download
2023 Conservation Commission Meeting Deadlines PDF Download
2023 Planning Board Meeting Deadlines PDF Download