City Ordinances


These ordinances are current as of June 2021. (Supp. No. 26). This Code of Ordinances and/or any other documents that appear may not reflect the most current legislation adopted by the City of Brockton. If you need the most current updates you will need to go to the City Clerk's office at City Hall.

Searchable City Ordinances

Note: Any Ordinance and fees as listed, are subject to change due to ordinance revisions. Updates available at the Clerk’s Office.

City Ordinance Fee Update as of October 27, 2015

Amended Ordinances Passed

Amended Ordinance to Section 27-29

Ordinance Ameding Regulation of Marijuana

Ordinance Chapter 14 - Panhandling

Ordinance Amending Chapter II Division 5

Ordinance Amending Chapter 6 Article 1

Ordinance Amending Article III Problem Properties Task Force

Ordinance Amending Article II Chapter IV Certificate of Fitness

Ordinance to implement the Stormwater Manual at the City of Brockton

Stormwater Ordinance

Stormwater Management Manual

Illicit Discharge Stormwater Ordinance

Ordinance #432

Ordinance amending Ch 2 Division 5 sec 2-183 relative to City Solicitor

Ordinance amending Ch. 2 Administration

Ordinance amending Ch. 2 Art. 13 motor vehicle repair

Ordinance amending Ch. 19

Ordinance amending Ch. 23 Division 2 rates and charges

Ordinance amending part 2

Ordinance amending sec 2-127 of Ch 2 relative to Diversity and Inclusion Manager

Ordinance amending Sec 2-127 of Ch. 2 relative to Assistant Director of Human Resources

Ordinance amending Zoning map of East Ashland St

Ordinance to increase access to voter registration

Ordinance Amendment to Zoning Map

Ordiance Amending Chapter 27 Concerning Restaurants

Ordinance for Human Resources

Ordinance Repealing Section 17-156

Repeal of Section 17-156 of the Revised Ordinances Passed

Ordinance to Replace Water Transmission Main Piping

Amended Ordinance #370- An Ordinance to Establish Licensing and Regulation for Adult Use Marijuana Establishment with Fee Changes

Noise Control Ordinance Notification

Noise Control Ordinance

Noise Control Ordinance as Amended

Ordinance Amending Article III, Division 2, Section 2-127 - Pay Plan

Ordinances pertaining to Juneteenth, Marijuana Establishments and Fee Schedules November 2021

Ordinance Amending Article III, Division 2, Section 2-127 - Pay Plan

Ordinance Creating a Revolving Fund

Adult Use of Marijuana and Poet Laureate Ordinances

Ordinance that passed in City Council January 24, 2022

Ordinances Passed City Council April 25, 2022

Ordinances passed July 25, 2022

Ordinances passed September 26, 2022

Ordinances Passed for Revolving Funds, Food Truck and Compensation November 2022

Ordinance Amending Part II of the Revised Ordinances Chapter 21

Ordinance Passed March 2023

Superintendent of Public Buildings Ordinances

Ordinances Passed in City Council May 22, 2023

Ordinance Passed in City Council September 11, 2023 & October 10, 2023

Zoning Ordinance Amendment

Pedestrian Ordinance Amendment

Revolving Fund Ordinance