Downtown Water Main Replacement Project

Construction of upgrades and improvements to the City of Brockton’s water distribution system in Warren Avenue (West Elm Street to Pleasant Street), Green Street (Warren Avenue to Main Street), Frederick Douglass Avenue, L Street, and West Elm Street (Warren Avenue to Main Street) is scheduled to occur this spring and summer. This project will include removing or abandoning existing water system piping, fittings, valves, and replacing with approximately 5,000 feet of new 6- to 20-inch Class 52 ductile iron piping, fittings, valves, hydrants, and new water services. It is imperative to replace these existing water mains so the City can improve system reliability while maintaining system performance.

Construction is expected to start in late-March 2024 and will continue through July 2024. Final paving of Green Street, L Street, Frederick Douglass Avenue, and West Elm Street is tentatively scheduled to occur in fall 2024. Electronic message boards will be placed downtown to provide residents with construction updates. Any changes to the construction schedule will be posted on the City’s website.