Permit Application Procedures

City of Brockton


[Pursuant to Chapter 53 of Acts of 2020]

Issued: April 9, 2020

On Friday, April 3, 2020, Governor Baker signed into law Chapter 53 of the Acts of 2020, An Act to Address Challenges Faced by Municipalities and State Authorities Resulting from COVID-19. Section 17 of the Act modifies state and local laws governing the submission and process of permit applications for the duration of the State of Emergency declared by Governor Baker on March 10, 2020.

The City of Brockton is implementing Chapter 53, Section 17 as follows. Portions of the Act are summarized below. Please see referenced sections for complete text.

  • 17(a) Definitions

“Permit”: a permit, variance, special permit, license, amendment, extension, or other approval issued by a permit granting authority pursuant to a statute, ordinance, bylaw, rule or regulation, whether ministerial or discretionary.

”Permit granting authority”, a local, district, county or regional official or a local, district, county or regional multi-member body that is authorized to issue a permit.

PERMIT APPLICATIONS §17(b)(i) – For so long as the State of Emergency remains in effect, the Act governs the submission of permit applications. Permit applications to land use boards may be filed as set forth below:

“An application for a permit shall be deemed duly filed and accepted as of the date of the filing by the applicant if filed with and certified as received by the city clerk.”

Applications to Permit Granting Authorities may be filed either:

  1. By first class mail: Application to the Brockton City Clerk, 45 School Street, Brockton, MA 02301, and copy of Application and all submission materials, including application fee, to the appropriate permit granting authority. [An email to the permit granting authority alerting it that an application has been mailed is ]
  2. Electronically: Attachment of the requisite application form and supplemental materials by email to the City Clerk with “cc” to the appropriate permit granting authority and receipt by first class mail of a check for the applicable application fee. [Online payment not available at this time; but check back for ]



[email protected]

with cc to:


City of Brockton

45 School Street

Brockton MA 02301


All questions regarding submission requirements should be directed by email to the applicable department prior to submission.

Board of Health [email protected] Attn: Board of Health
City Clerk [email protected] Attn: City Clerk
Conservation Commission [email protected] Attn: Conservation Commission
License Commission [email protected] Attn: License Commission
Planning Board [email protected] Attn: Planning Board
Zoning Board of Appeals [email protected] Attn: Zoning Board of Appeals


NOTE: All building permit applications shall continue to be filed through the Building Department electronic submission website at: