Stormwater Questions

  1. Why did I get a bill with multiple amounts?
    The fee associated with stormwater mitigation is $24 annually, or $6 per quarter. Single family homes are charged the $6 fee. Larger parcels with multiple units or commercial uses may be charged a higher fee. Please call the DPW if you have any questions on your specific bill.
  2. Who can I contact with questions?
    Call the DPW at (508) 580-7135
  3. Why did I get a bill for a different amount?
    We are still working out some issues with the first phase of the bills. If you have any questions, please call the DPW and if an amount is on your bill in error, it will be deleted.
  4. What will the money be used for?
    As noted above, the money – an estimated $800,000 this fiscal year – will go to mitigate some of the impacts of stormwater runoff on our city and its residents.
  5. Will the bill show up on the “Bill Pay” page so I can pay it?
    Yes. It is up on the bill pay page now.
  6. Will next year’s bill be streamlined?
    Yes. This year’s bill will be sent in four (4) installments, but we anticipate making improvements so that next year’s billing will be on one (1) bill.
  7. What is the bill for?
    Please refer to the back of the bill.
  8. Why didn’t we get a notification of the new bill?
    We continue to try to provide timely and accurate information through the website and social media.
  9. Why is there a past due amount when I paid my bill?
    Due to the timing of the printing of the bills, payments received after June 10th are not reflected on the amount due printed on the bill.
  10. Can I pay the bill online or over the phone?
    The bill is currently available online to be paid under the Water/Sewer-Stormwater bill type. Phone payments can be made by calling (508) 381-5455.
  11. I have an irrigation meter which was also charged as a stormwater fee, is this correct?
    This was a software error which has since been corrected. Please call (508) 580-7135 and we will address your specific account.