Stormwater Billing

Please be aware that the City resumed issuing stormwater invoices on January 31, 2023. Stormwater invoices have not been sent out since June, 2022 as relevant information could not be uploaded into the Munis system due to support issues (old software vs. new updated software). The software upgrade will take place in April and this issue will be remedied.  As such, the previous bill (would’ve been issued November 2022), the current bill (would be issued February 2023) and final bill (would be issued in May 2023) for the fiscal year has been processed and mailed together giving customers 90 (ninety) days to pay. The goal of this is to prevent unnecessary multiple payments for constituents with service fees.  Beginning in July, one Stormwater bill per year will be processed for the entire fiscal year covering all four quarters.

The City will have an online database for customers to view all pertinent information relative to their stormwater bills.   A copy of the link to the database along with an explanation about the billing can be found online at the city’s website:  and search under the Department of Public Works for Stormwater.