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DPW Office Temporary Relocation

PLEASE BE ADVISED: The DPW office is temporarily located in the Mayor's Office, first floor of City Hall. 508-580-7135 POR FAVOR, SEJA AVISADO: O escritório do DPW está temporariamente localizado no escritório do Mayor, no primeiro andar do Edifício da Câmara Municipal. TANPRI AVANZE: Biwo DPW la chita tanporèman nan Biwo Majistra a, premye etaj…Read More

Mayor Sullivan Addresses the Chamber of Commerce

On Thursday, February 15, Mayor Sullivan was honored to present to the attendees at the Metro South Chamber of Commerce luncheon a speech with accompanying power-point slides entitled, "Championing the Future: Mayor's Message of Progress.” The presentation featured updates on the ARPA-funded municipal renovation projects, the Public Safety Building, Brockton Hospital/Signature Healthcare, Good Samaritan Medical Center, Marvelous Marvin…Read More

Mayor Robert Sullivan and City Elected Officials Take the Oath of Office

On Monday, January 1, 2024, Mayor Robert Sullivan, members of the City Council, and members of the School Committee were sworn in for the next two-year term at the 2024 Inauguration Ceremony held at City Hall. The event was presided over by City Clerk Timothy Cruise. United States Congressman Stephen Lynch, who has always been…Read More

Winter Parking Ban begins December 1, 2023

English Haitian - French Haitian - Creole Spanish Portuguese Cape Verdean Creole CITY OF BROCKTON TRAFFIC COMMISSION WINTER PARKING BAN PARKING BAN HOURS:  Midnight (12:00 a.m.)  to 7:00 a.m.  MONTHS OF PARKING BAN:  December 1st  to April 1st NO PARKING on the EVEN NUMBERED SIDE of all streets except those streets restricted to one side…Read More

Zoning Board Online Applications

The City of Brockton has implemented a new procedure for filing Zoning Board of Appeals applications. Click here to create an account and submit a zoning application. Effective January 1, 2024, Applicants must pay the cost of advertising the Public Hearing Notice by direct payment to the local newspaper prior to the Notice being…Read More

Recycle Like a Champion: Thanksgiving Recycling Tips

Recycle Like a Champion: Thanksgiving Recycling Tips Please remove ALL FOOD that is left inside any container that will be recycled. Canned cranberry sauce or pumpkin purée: YES! Aluminum or steel cans are recyclable. Boxed pie crusts and stuffing mixes: YES!  Cardboard boxes can be broken down and recycled. Egg cartons: Cardboard cartons YES! Foam cartons NO! Plastic…Read More

Memories of Victor Ortiz Submitted by Family, Colleagues & Friends

Mayor Sullivan is interviewing John Boutin on Monday the 30th about the late Victor Ortiz and his contributions to Brockton and the school system. In preparation for his interview, Mr. Boutin has sent us letters from many of Mr. Ortiz’s friends and family and plans to reference these letters in his interview. The city respectfully…Read More

How to report potential hazards

How to Report Potential Hazards in Brockton’s Public Spaces RESIDENTS SHOULD NEVER ATTEMPT TO HANDLE POTENTIALLY HAZARDOUS ITEMS ON THEIR OWN. USE THE INFORMATION BELOW TO PROPERLY REPORT ANYTHING THAT REQUIRES IMMEDIATE REMOVAL. Did you stumble across an item that may be dangerous? Do not touch it. Use this list to report it to the…Read More

Traffic Updates

Get up-to-the-minute traffic information, including road closures in Brockton, on the Waze app! The City of Brockton has partnered with Waze to bring you the latest traffic updates.Read More

Free COVID-19 Test Kits Available

As COVID-19 diagnoses are on the rise, we need to remain diligent with testing to avoid spreading the virus. You may get four free at-home test kits at You may also get free test kits at Brockton City Hall 8:30-4:30 Monday through Friday. Call 508-580-7123 for more information.Read More