Massachusetts Official Vote by Mail Instructions

This 2020 Vote by Mail package has been sent to you at your request. The package includes: your ballot, a yellow ballot envelope, and a white return ballot envelope.
Please read the instructions below before voting and returning your ballot.
Mark your ballot according to the instructions on the ballot, preferably with a black pen.
Candidates and questions may be listed on both sides or on a second page of your ballot.
Note: If you need assistance because of disability or inability to read your ballot, you may choose any person to help you.
Put your ballot into the yellow ballot envelope and seal the ballot envelope.
Sign the ballot envelope. Print your name and address below your signature.
Note: If you cannot sign your own name, you may choose someone to sign your name for you.
That person will need to sign their own name on the bottom half of the envelope.
Place your signed yellow ballot envelope into the white return envelope and seal the return envelope.
Return your ballot by mail or in person.
No postage is required to return your ballot by mail.
You can return your ballot in person to your local election office, any early voting location, or a drop box provided by your city/town. Visit to find your ballot return locations.
Once your ballot has been returned to your city/town hall, your vote is final and you cannot take your ballot back or vote again.
If you decide not to mail this ballot back, or your ballot doesn’t reach your city/town hall by Election Day, you can still vote in person at your polling place.
You can track your ballot at

Ballots must be received by November 6 and postmarked by November 3 in order to be counted.
Ballots received by 8 p.m. on November 3 do not require a postmark.
The U.S. Postal Service recommends mailing your ballot no later than October 27 to ensure timely delivery!