Brockton Safety Action Plan

Brockton Safety Action Plan – Final

Each crash statistic represents a human life. Past fatal and serious injury crashes have affected families and communities across Brockton. The City of Brockton is acting now in response to Brockton’s high number of fatal and serious injury crashes, starting with Brockton’s Safety Action Plan.

The City of Brockton and its Study Working Group members, working alongside the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT), created this Plan to provide information and direction on strategies and treatments most likely to improve roadway safety performance within the city. Brockton’s Safety Action Plan will serve as the road map to substantially reduce fatal and serious injury crashes on Brockton Roads.

The Safety Action Plan is also the key to millions in federal safety funding under the “Safe Streets and Roads for All” (SS4A) grant program. As of April 2024, over $3 billion in SS4A program funds is available to fund comprehensive safety action plans and projects in local communities. Brockton’s completed Safety Action Plan enables the City to apply for funding to implement safety projects at high-crash, high crash-risk locations identified in the Plan.

“Improving safety is one of our highest priorities as it affects everyone’s quality of life. Improvements to roads and sidewalks will see lasting impacts in our community,” said Rob May, Director of Planning and Economic Development.