Brockton Champion Model

Mayor Carpenter and other partners have been working on the implementation of a program to launch in January where individuals with Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) can walk into a Brockton Fire or Police Station and get help into treatment after being transported to a comfortable location (TBD). We are working diligently on the details, but one of the major components is having volunteer “Angels” who will sit with the individuals, be a support and assist in phone calls to providers.

Expectation: Local community “Angels”, volunteers with experience in Substance Use Disorders, who will be present and available to share their personal experiences and/or provide guidance to persons with SUDs.


  1. You will have a short training
  2. You will be provided resources and phone numbers
  3. There is no set schedule – must be willing to be on call based on your availability
  4. Additional personnel will be present at the location site
  5. There is no 100% guarantee that beds will be provided, but we will all work hard to help the individual access the correct services

Please call Koren Cappiello, Director of Social Services if you have questions at 508-580-7123

CHAMPION Program Application Form