ARPA SF-424 Instructions

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 This is a standard form required for use as a cover sheet for submission of pre-applications and applications and related information under discretionary programs. Some of the items are required and some are optional at the discretion of the applicant or the federal agency (agency). Required fields on the form are identified with an asterisk (*) and are also specified as “Required” in the instructions below. In addition to these instructions, applicants must consult agency instructions to determine other specific requirements.



Item Entry: Item: Entry:
1. Type of Submission: (Required) Select one type of submission in accordance with agency instructions.

•  Pre-application

•  Application

•  Changed/Corrected Application – Check if this submission is to change or correct a previously submitted application. Unless requested by the agency, applicants may not use this form to submit changes after the closing date.

10. Name Of Federal Agency: (Required) Enter the name of the federal agency from which assistance is being requested with this application.
11. Catalog Of Federal Domestic Assistance Number/Title:

Enter the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance number and title of the program under which assistance is requested, as found in the program announcement, if applicable.

2. Type of Application: (Required) Select one type of application in accordance with agency instructions.


•  New – An application that is being submitted to an agency for the first time.

•  Continuation – An extension for an additional funding/budget period for a project with a projected completion date. This can include renewals.

•  Revision – Any change in the federal government’s financial obligation or contingent liability from an existing obligation. If a revision, enter the appropriate letter(s). More than one may be selected. If “Other” is selected, please specify in text box provided.


A.  Increase Award                     D. Decrease Duration

B.  Decrease Award                    E. Other (specify)

C. Increase Duration

12. Funding Opportunity Number/Title: (Required) Enter the Funding Opportunity Number and title of the opportunity under which assistance is requested, as found in the program announcement.
13. Competition Identification Number/Title: Enter the competition identification number and title of the competition under which assistance is requested, if applicable.
14. Areas Affected By Project: This data element is intended for use only by programs for which the area(s) affected are likely to be different than the place(s) of performance reported on the SF-424 Project/Performance Site Location(s) Form. Add attachment to enter additional areas, if needed.
3. Date Received: Leave this field blank. This date will be assigned by the Federal agency. 15. Descriptive Title of Applicant’s Project: (Required) Enter a brief descriptive title of the project. If appropriate, attach a map showing project location (e.g., construction or real property projects). For pre-applications, attach a summary description of the project.
4. Applicant Identifier: Enter the entity identifier assigned buy the Federal agency, if any, or the applicant’s control number if applicable.
5a. Federal Entity Identifier: Enter the number assigned to your organization by the federal agency, if any. 16. Congressional Districts Of: 15a. (Required) Enter the applicant’s congressional district. 15b. Enter all district(s) affected by the program or project. Enter in the format: 2 characters state abbreviation – 3 characters district number, e.g., CA-005 for California 5th district, CA-012 for California 12 district, NC-103 for North Carolina’s 103 district. If all congressional districts in a state are affected, enter “all” for the district number, e.g., MD-all for all congressional districts in Maryland. If nationwide, i.e. all districts within all states are affected, enter US-all.  If the program/project is outside the US, enter 00-000. This optional data element is intended for use only by programs for which the area(s) affected are likely to be different than place(s) of performance reported on the SF-424 Project/Performance Site Location(s) Form. Attach an additional list of program/project congressional districts, if needed.
5b. Federal Award Identifier: For new applications leave blank. For a continuation or revision to an existing award, enter the previously assigned federal award identifier number. If a changed/corrected application, enter the federal identifier in accordance with agency instructions.
6. Date Received by State: Leave this field blank. This date will be assigned by the state, if applicable.
7. State Application Identifier: Leave this field blank. This identifier will be assigned by the state, if applicable.
8. Applicant Information: Enter the following in accordance with agency instructions:
a. Legal Name: (Required) Enter the legal name of applicant that will undertake the assistance activity. This is the organization that has registered with the Central Contractor Registry (CCR). Information on registering with CCR may be obtained by visiting 17. Proposed Project Start and End Dates: (Required) Enter the proposed start date and end date of the project.
b. Employer/Taxpayer Number (EIN/TIN): (Required) Enter the employer or taxpayer identification number (EIN or TIN) as assigned by the Internal Revenue Service. If your organization is not in the US, enter 44-4444444. 18. Estimated Funding: (Required) Enter the amount requested, or to be contributed during the first funding/budget period by each contributor. Value of in-kind contributions should be included on appropriate lines, as applicable. If the action will result in a dollar change to an existing award, indicate only the amount of the change. For decreases, enclose the amounts in parentheses.
c. Organizational DUNS: (Required) Enter the organization’s DUNS or DUNS+4 number received from Dun and Bradstreet. Information on obtaining a DUNS number may be obtained by visiting 19. Is Application Subject to Review by State Under Executive Order 12372 Process? (Required) Applicants should contact the State Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for Federal Executive Order 12372 to determine whether the application is subject to the State intergovernmental review process. Select the appropriate box. If “a.” is selected, enter the date the application was submitted to the State.
d. Address: Enter address: Street 1 (Required); city (Required); County/Parish, State (Required if country is US), Province, Country (Required), 9-digit zip/postal code (Required if country US). 20. Is the Applicant Delinquent on any Federal Debt? (Required) Select the appropriate box. This question applies to the applicant organization, not the person who signs as the

authorized representative. Categories of federal debt include; but, may not be limited to: delinquent audit disallowances, loans and taxes. If yes, include an explanation in an attachment.


e. Organizational Unit: Enter the name of the primary organizational unit, department or division that will undertake the assistance activity. 21. Authorized Representative: To be signed and dated by the authorized representative of the applicant organization. Enter the first and last name (Required); prefix, middle name, suffix. Enter title, telephone number, email (Required); and fax number. A copy of the governing body’s authorization for you to sign this application as the official representative must be on file in the applicant’s office. (Certain federal agencies may require that this authorization be submitted as part of the application.)
f. Name and contact information of person to be contacted on matters involving this application: Enter the first and last name (Required); prefix, middle name, suffix, title. Enter organizational affiliation if affiliated with an organization other than that in 7.a. Telephone number and email (Required); fax number.
9. Type of Applicant: (Required) Select up to three applicant type(s) in accordance with agency instructions.
A.       State Government

B.       County Government

C.       City or Township Government

D.       Special District Government

E.       Regional Organization

F.        U.S. Territory or Possession

G.       Independent School District

H.       Public/State Controlled Institution of Higher Education

I.         Indian/Native American Tribal Government (Federally Recognized)

J.        Indian/Native American Tribal Government (Other than Federally Recognized)

K.       Indian/Native American Tribally Designated Organization

L.        Public/Indian Housing Authority

M.      Nonprofit

N.       Private Institution of Higher Education

O.       Individual

P.       For-Profit Organization (Other than Small Business)

Q.       Small Business

R.       Hispanic-serving Institution

S.       Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)

T.        Tribally Controlled Colleges and Universities (TCCUs)

U.       Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian Serving Institutions

V.       Non-US Entity

W.      Other (specify)