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Brockton Vaccination Overview

From the moment the first supply of COVID-19 vaccines were delivered to Brockton, Mayor Robert F. Sullivan has been working closely with the Board of Health, Brockton Neighborhood Health Center, Brockton Emergency Management Agency, and other community partners to provide opportunities for all residents to receive the vaccine. The City currently receives 600 weekly vaccines from the Commonwealth. These weekly allotments have been distributed everywhere from weekly clinics at the Shaw’s center to scheduled Board of Health clinics in different venues across the City.

New Telehealth program for new COVID-19 treatment, "Paxlovid".

  • Massachusetts has launched a new free telehealth program to help residents easily access COVID-19 treatment
  • The COVID-19 telehealth program is a quick, easy and free way for individuals to see if Paxlovid is an appropriate treatment for them. Paxlovid is a COVID-19 treatment pill taken orally that can reduce the risk for severe symptoms and hospitalization by nearly 90 percent
  • This program is available to all COVID-19 positive Massachusetts residents 18 years or older who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.
  • The telehealth visit consists of a short health intake survey and, if eligible, a video consultation with a health care clinician. During the telehealth visit, the clinician will review symptoms and risk factors, and determine if Paxlovid treatment is appropriate.
  • If an individual is eligible for the treatment, the clinician will send a prescription to a local pharmacy or, if necessary, arrange for free overnight delivery to the resident's home.
  • This program can be accessed at and is available in English, Spanish, Haitian Creole and Portuguese

Free Telehealth for COVID-19 treatment with Paxlovid

Regional Booster Clinic

The City of Brockton is the host city of a Regional COVID-19 Booster Clinic run by Brewster Ambulance Services and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

The Shaw’s Center (1 Feinberg Way) has held weekly COVID vaccination clinics for Brockton residents and others since the beginning of the pandemic. This Regional COVID Booster Clinic at the facility gives people in the region the ability to receive the Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson booster vaccines, in addition to the primary series of doses (first and/or second dose) of the COVID vaccine.

The clinic has the capacity to administer 450 daily doses and can ramp up to capacity for 1,000 daily doses.

Anyone attending the Regional COVID Booster Clinic, run by Brewster, is encouraged to make an appointment. Walk-ins will be accommodated, based on staffing and scheduling. To register for an appointment visit

The clinic will be open 2 days a week on the following schedule:

  • Tuesdays from 2 pm - 7 pm (Clinic is run by Board of Health)
  • Saturday from 7 am - 3 pm (Clinic is run by Brewster)


Booster Vaccine Eligibility

Today, CDC is endorsing the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices’ (ACIP) recommendation to expand eligibility of booster doses to those 12 to 15 years old. CDC now recommends that adolescents ages 12 to 17 years old should receive a booster shot 5 months after their initial Pfizer-BioNTech vaccination series.

Data show that COVID-19 boosters help broaden and strengthen protection against Omicron and other SARS-CoV-2 variants. ACIP reviewed the available safety data following the administration of over 25 million vaccine doses in adolescents; COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective.

At this time, only the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine is authorized and recommended for adolescents aged 12-17.

Vaccine Calendar

To take a look at where our next Vaccine Clinics will be, take a look at our Vaccine Calendar.
Board of Health Vaccine Clinics Calendar

Covid-19 Booster Clinic at Shaw's Center Flyer

Updated Vaccine Eligibility

All people age 5 and older who live, work, or study in Massachusetts are now eligible to receive a vaccine. People ages 5-17 can receive the Pfizer vaccine. People age 18 and older are allowed to receive any of the 3 available vaccines (Johnson&Johnson, Moderna, & Pfizer).

All vaccine recipients must fill out the Vaccine Screening and Consent Form prior to getting vaccinated.

If you are age 5-17, you must also fill out an additional Vaccine Consent Form for children 5-17.

Vaccine at Home

The Vaccine at Home program is eligible to Brockton residents age 5+ who are unable to attend a vaccination clinic.

Moderna, Pfizer and Janssen (J&J) vaccine first, second and booster doses available.

RNs from Brockton Mayor Robert Sullivan's Wellness Trust Team will visit your home to adminster the vaccines.

Call (508)580-0290 to schedule an appointment.

Vaccine at Home Flyer

Wellness Trust Team Roundtable

Well Trust Round Table Discussion - English
Well Trust Round Table Discussion - Spanish
Well Trust Round Table Discussion - Haitian Creole
Well Trust Round Table Discussion - Cape Verdean Creole

Stop The Spread: Get Tested

The City encourages all of its residents to "Stop The Spread" by getting tested for COVID-19 at their nearest testing site if there is any doubt as to whether or not they have the coronavirus. To find a testing site near you, visit the following links:   -  OR  -

Vaccine Registration

Once eligible, it is important for those who want to be vaccinated to register to be contacted about scheduling an appointment to receive one.


The City of Brockton recommends it’s residents to register by filling out the Shaw’s Center COVID-19 Vaccination Request


Preregistering for a COVID-19 Vaccine with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts either online at or by calling 2-1-1 for assistance with registration over the phone.

Please Print and Fill Out this
Vaccine Screening and Consent Form
(Please print form on both sides of paper if possible)

Why get the Vaccine?

City of Brockton Covid Vaccine Update - English

City of Brockton Covid Vaccine Update - Spanish

City of Brockton Covid Vaccine Update - Haitian Creole

City of Brockton Covid Vaccine Update - Cape Verdean Creole

Where to get the Vaccine

  • There are multiple options for residents who want to get vaccinated to receive one:
    1. Board Of Health Clinics: The Board of Health, led by Dr. Eno Mondesir, has been holding scheduled, appointment only, clinics all over the City of Brockton since the beginning of the pandemic. The biggest of those clinics is a weekly vaccination clinic held at the Shaw’s Center on the weekends. To see upcoming clinics, refer to the ‘Community Outreach’ section below.
    2. Mass Vaccination Sites: There are 7 mass vaccination locations in Massachusetts. To find the one nearest you, visit the Commonwealth’s Vax Finder.
    3. Veterans Affairs: If you are a veteran and would like to make an appointment to receive a vaccine you can call (857) 203-3919 and someone will assist you.
    4. Retail Pharmacies: Local Pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreens are providing free vaccinations by appointment only. Place a call to your local pharmacy to see if they have any available doses. If they do, set up an appointment.

Brockton COVID-19 Vaccine Equity Initiative

As a majority-minority community the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the City of Brockton hard. It has disproportionately affected communities of color in the City. Therefore, under the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ “COVID-19 Vaccine Equity Initiative,” a new initiative has been created to ensure that every race has access to and is sufficiently informed about the COVID-19 vaccine. This initiative is called the “Brockton COVID-19 Vaccine Equity Initiative.” This initiative will allow for the City to received additional COVID-19 vaccines, apart from the weekly allocations from the state and federal government. As of April 16th, the City has been allotted 6,210 additional equity vaccine doses. For more information on the Brockton COVID-19 Vaccine Equity Initiative click (here).

COVID-19 Vaccine News & Announcements

HCFA Canvassers going door-to-door to inform and educate about COVID vaccine, April 22nd, 2021

Health Care For All (HCFA) canvassers will be working for DPH, going door to door sharing facts about the COVID-19 vaccines, appointments, and services. They will be wearing t-shirts and/or hoodies that say "Trust the Facts. Get the Vax" on the front. They will also have lanyards around their necks to help with identifying themselves to residents.

The canvassers will be working Monday to Friday from 2 pm - 8 pm.

For more News and Announcements click here.