Helpful Information

Streetlight Problems

In the past, residents wanting to report a broken street light would have to contact National Grid. Residents now can easily contact the Highway Department at (508) 580-7810 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday to report streetlight outages. Non-functioning streetlights can also be reported via email at [email protected]

Requests can also be submitted using our Online Form (Please use Adobe Acrobat Reader to fill out the form, as some browser PDF viewers may have difficulties completing it).

When contacting the Highway Department, callers must: describe the problem (if the light is out, cycling on and off, or on during daylight hours); the streetlight pole number (the number will be facing the street at eye level); the street address closest to the light problem; and the cross street nearest the light problem. Callers are also asked to provide a name and phone number in case the driver cannot find the outage or has additional questions.

Seasonal Information

To report a non-emergency problem, such as a pothole, street-lamp outage or downed street sign, please use our online reporting system. Staff respond to non-emergency requests during regular business hours.

Click here to report a problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a permanent winter parking ban?

From December 1 – April 1, there is no parking between midnight and 7am on the even-numbered side of any public street or on either side of major roadways.  For a list of major roadways, click here.

What is a winter snow emergency parking ban?

When snowfall or other winter weather is expected, the Mayor may declare a winter emergency. During the period in which the emergency is in effect, there is no parking allowed on any public roadway.

May I park on the street during the winter?

There is no parking allowed on the even-numbered side of any public street or on either side of major roadways from December 1 – April 1 between midnight and 7am. For a list of major roadways, click here.

There is no parking allowed on any public roadway during a declared winter emergency.

When does the winter snow emergency parking ban go into effect?

The Mayor will declare the beginning and end of a winter emergency based on expected snowfall and weather conditions. In the event of a snow emergency, updated information will be available on the City’s homepage.

What happens if my car is parked illegally during the winter parking ban or a winter snow emergency?

Your car could be ticketed or towed at your expense.

My car was towed during a snow emergency. Whom do I call?

Call the police department business line at 508-941-0200. Have your vehicle registration information handy.

Does the City offer alternative parking options during snow emergencies?

Yes, free parking is available at the garage located at the intersection of Main and Crescent streets during declared snow emergencies. You must move your vehicle within two hours of the end of the declared ban; otherwise, the regular parking rate of $2/hr will apply.

The following locations have been established as free off-street snow emergency parking lots.
  • The parking lot on East side of Montello St. between Crescent and White Ave.
  • Warren Ave lot on West side of Warren Ave. between Belmont and Bartlett St.
  • South Street lot on South St. near Main St. behind gas station.
  • Howard School located 837 North Main St.
  • Whitman School located at 25 Manomet St.
  • Edgar’s Playground on Dover St.
How long does a property owner have to clear snow and ice from the sidewalk in front of his or her house or building?

Snow and ice must be removed within eight (8) hours of the end of the snowfall, or the property owner may be subject to a fine of $50. Property owners must keep sidewalks in front of their properties clear of snow whether it falls from the roofs of adjacent buildings or any other cause. Please note that dumping snow and ice onto public roadways or walkways during the clearing process is prohibited and may result in a fine.

Who will clear the snow from the hydrant in front of my house?

We ask that residents help out by keeping the hydrants in front of their properties clear of snow.

Why don't plow operators lift the plow when they go by my driveway?

Plow operators are unable to lift the plow blade when plowing. This means that residents may have to clear their driveways several times during a snowstorm. We understand the inconvenience weather emergencies cause and appreciate your patience and understanding as the City works to clear the roads and sidewalks for all residents in a safe and timely manner.

Does the City provide salt/sand for resident use during the winter?

Salt and sand are not provided for resident use. Salt can be purchased at local retail stores.

How do I prevent my pipes from freezing?

To keep the pipes from freezing you must keep the property and the area where the water meter is located heated and protected from outside elements. If the property is going to be vacant, you should have the Water Division shut off the water and remove the meter. The fee for this service is $40.

What should I do if my pipes freeze?

If your pipes freeze, please call the Water Department at 508-580-7865. We will determine where they are frozen and try to unfreeze them. Please take proper precautions to prevent freezing by keeping the property and the area where the water meter is located heated and protected from outside elements.