Visions of Our Future Park

The proposed project is to renovate the park to better serve the needs of the diverse community, while respecting the historic character of the park.

The park will be upgraded to improve the accessibility and walkability of the off-street sidewalk network. The park design process will include public input sessions with the Keith Park Neighborhood, a designated Minority Environmental Justice Community and Brockton Redevelopment Authority reinvestment area. After extensive public outreach, which will include leveraging social resources in the Cape Verdean and Haitian community, the City will host two planning charettes, which will include translation, to incorporate the wishes of all stakeholders in the redesign of Keith Park.

A preliminary plan was developed; however, a revised design will be developed to incorporate public input. Improvements are anticipated to include:
  • Tree replacement and increased tree canopy
  • Improved sidewalks and paths
  • Replacement benches
  • Memorial fountain restoration
  • Gazebo bandstand
  • Accessible parking and Improved lighting
  • Trash receptacles, and other features desired by the community.