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Brockton's Economic Developement

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Our Missions:

  • to foster a sustainable and equitable economic environment, where current and future residents, workers, and business owners from all backgrounds have the tools and opportunity to thrive.
  • to grow the tax base without encouraging displacement.
  • to support job creation and workforce development. 
  • to promote and grow local businesses.

Our Strategy:

We will achieve our mission through concerted effort and targeted programming which serve to:

  • repair past economic injuries,
  • nurture local capacity through talent building and innovation, and
  • develop the strength and interconnectedness of local businesses.

Our Goal:

  • to enhance the effectiveness of the local Brockton economy,
  • to develop stronger connections among local businesses and the greater market; and between local government and private enterprise, and
  • to continually improve residential Quality of Life.

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Resources and Links for Businesses

In Brockton, we champion both established businesses and emerging ventures. The Department of Planning and Economic Development is your ally. From pinpointing grants to navigating applications, we help turn your business vision into a Brockton reality. Explore our resources and begin your success journey today.

Partners Fueling Brockton's Growth

The city of Brockton's Economic Development Department values the long-standing connections we've forged with our partners. Their dedication and support are instrumental in navigating the intricate pathways of our community's sustainable growth. Learn more about the organizations and entities that stand beside us.