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City-wide Revaluation Project

The City of Brockton is conducting a City-wide Revaluation Project and has contracted with Tyler Technologies, Inc. a National Appraisal Firm, to assist the City Assessor's Office in field review of physical data for all Real property located throughout the City for Fiscal Year 2017. This will involve having Tyler Field Reviewers driving from street to street throughout every neighborhood within City limits to view exterior building data and property details. The Tyler employees will carry photo identification cards signed by John P. O'Donnell, Chairman of the Board of Assessor's, and have letters of introduction. Their physical information and vehicle descriptions are on file with the City of Brockton Police Department. The Police will also be notified of the neighborhood locations of the personnel conducting these reviews.

This phase of the project will be starting on May 05, 2016 and be continuing through the summer months, until early September 2016.

If you have questions or need additional information, please don't hesitate to contact the City of Brockton Assessor's Office.  508-580-7194

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