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The Brockton Commission on Women's Issues meets at 6:30 PM in the Lower Level Meeting Space at City Hall.



Kimberly Zouzoua, Chairperson
Nichole Gatling, Vice-Chairperson
Leona Martin, Secretary
Claudia M. Denelle
Janice M. Johnson-Plumer
Kimberly E ZouZoua
Karlene Derozier-Brizard
Kassandra M. Montanez
Lisa M. Duquette
Janis Lemieux
Leona C. Martin
Nichole A. Gatling
Maria de Pina Monteiro

Brockton Commission on Women's Issues

Free Workshop on Special Education

The Brockton Commission on Women's Issues was established in 1993 with the purpose of providing information and education to city residents regarding issues which affect women.

Our vision is to act as a control focus in the city and community which will deal with women's issues providing information, referral, guidance and coordination to public agencies, private person, organizations and institutions engaged in activities and programs intended to deal with issue affecting women such as, but not limited to prejudice and discrimination against women such as, but not limited to prejudice and discrimination against women because of their status as women or as minority women, sexual and gender harassment, domestic violence, child care, medical care, equality of pay, pre-natal care, rape and teenage pregnancy.

To take such action as the Commission considers appropriate to ensure the equal status of women.

The powers and duties of the Commission shall include the following:

  1. To help ensure equal status of women in educational, economic, political, health, legal and social spheres
  2. To help design programs that promote equality for all women in the City
  3. To help develop recommendations and recommend policy to all departments, divisions and agencies of the City, including the Mayor and the City Council
  4. To assist in the coordination of activities of all departments and divisions of City government on issues affecting women
  5. To recommend the enactment of legislation which promotes equal status of women on the City, State and Federal levels, and to assure that appropriate regulations are adopted and enforced pursuant to such legislation.

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