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Brockton Fire Department History

The Brockton Fire Museum

the Brockton Fire Museum was constructed for the purpose of preserving the proud history of fire fighting in the Brockton area.

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The Strand Theater Fire

A fire in a downtown theatre where 13 Firefighters perished.
Remembering The Strand Theater
Strand Theatre Memorial


The Grover Disaster

The Grover Shoe Factory disaster was a boiler explosion, building collapse and fire that killed 58 people and injured 150. The Grover disaster led to stringent safety laws and a National Code governing the safe operation of steam boilers.
The Grover Disaster


First electrified fire station

Brockton Fire Station One is the first electrified fire station in the country that was wired by Thomas Edison.


Ball and Concert Books

Portions of the history of the Brockton Fire Department have been memorialized in Ball and Concert Books. These books were given out at these events over the years. Please enjoy the scans of these books.
1935 Ball Book
1953 Ball Book
Circa 1980 Ball Book


A Timeline of Ambulances of the Brockton Fire Department
Timeline of Ambulances


Brockton has many Line of Duty Deaths in its history.
Line of Duty Deaths


Squad A turned 100 years old in 2009.
Squad A Celebrating 100 years

Watch the commemorative video


In 1996 The Brockton Fire Department celebrated 150 years of service.
A Brief history of the Brockton Fire Department

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