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Pre-Preliminary Candidate Financials 2013

Andrew Robinson - AmendedPDF2.03 MB Download
Anne Beauregard - received 9-9-13PDF2.94 MB Download
Anthony J Donegan JrPDF4.69 MB Download
Craig O Pina - received 9-9-13PDF4.92 MB Download
Dawn Gayle Carr- received 9-9-13PDF2.88 MB Download
Dennis F DeNapoli - received 9-9-13PDF2.15 MB Download
Elliot Miller - received 9-10-13PDF2.76 MB Download
Elliot Miller - revised 9-16-13PDF2.50 MB Download
Gary Keith Sr. - received 9-9-13PDF2.56 MB Download
Jacob L Tagger Jr. - received 9-9-13PDF2.75 MB Download
James Daly - received 9-9-13PDF2.20 MB Download
Jass Stewart - received 9-9-13PDF2.06 MB Download
Moises M. Rodrigues - received 9-12-13PDF2.69 MB Download
Nicholas J. Fernandes received 9-9-13PDF5.81 MB Download
Ollie Jay Spears - received 9-9-13PDF3.03 MB Download
Patrick P Quinn - received 9-9-13PDF2.26 MB Download
Paul l Beckner - received 9-9-13PDF2.45 MB Download
Paul StudenskiPDF528.52 KB Download
Richard J Zaccaro - received 9-9-13PDF5.36 MB Download
Robert F Sullivan - received 9-9-13PDF4.69 MB Download
Shaynah Marie Barnes - received 9-9-13PDF2.15 MB Download
Shirley R. Asack - received 9-9-13PDF2.58 MB Download
Steve P. Foote - received 9-9-13PDF2.76 MB Download
Timothy J Sullivan - received 9-6-13PDF2.52 MB Download

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