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  • Real Estate Committee -

    Moises Rodrigues (Chair), Shaynah Barnes, Anne Beauregard, John Lally, Paul Studenski

  • Public Safety Committee -

    Robert Sullivan (Chair), Shaynah Barnes, Winthrop Farwell, Moises Rodrigues, Thomas Monahan

  • Ordinance Committee -

    Thomas Monahan (Chair), Shirley Asack, Dennis Eaniri, Paul Studenski, Robert Sullivan

  • Accounts Committee -

    Dennis Eaniri (Chair), Shirley Asack, Anne Beauregard, Winthrop Farwell, John Lally

  • Finance Committee -

    All members of the City Council

  • Beautification Committee -

    Shirley Asack

  • Community Schools -

    Shaynah Barnes

  • Traffic Committee -

    Shirley Asack, Moises Rodrigues

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