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Board of Assessors

Board of Health

Board of Trust Fund Commisioners

Brockton Commission on Diversity

Brockton Community Cable Television

Brockton Cultural Council

Brockton Emergency Management Agency

Brockton Housing Authority

Brockton Redevelopment Authority

Cable Advisory Board

Cemeteries Board of Trustees

City Council

Commission on Women's Issues

Conservation Commission

Council on Aging

Development and Industrial Commission

Elections Commission

Fence Viewer

Finance Committee

Grant Army Buildling Trustees

Grave Registration

Historical Commission

Historic District Commission

Industrial Development Financing Authority

Information Technology Board

Library Trustees

License Commission

Measurers of Leather

Parking Authority

Parks and Recreation Commission

Planning Board

Retirement Board

Traffic Commission

Truck Enforcement Officers

Trustees of the the War Memorial Building

Wage and Personnel Board

Water Commission 

Zoning Board of Appeals

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